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UK Single Hiking Tips!

There is nothing like spending the day hiking through a beautiful landscape or walking past captivating and lush woodlands in the UK. But of course, any nature lover would know that when it comes to discovering the best in Mother Nature, there are a few disadvantages. Whether you form part of hiking clubs in the UK or just a novice wanting a good holiday break, remembering the basics and taking precautions on a trekking day would save you all the hassles and at the same time allow you to appreciate the full beauty of this wonderful country.


Solo Hiking Tips For the UK

Look up for signs

Okay, maybe not literally. But the first thing to consider before going for an outdoor adventure is, of course, the weather. Regardless of any period you decide to go out, watch out for possible change in weather conditions. Strong winds, dark clouds, rain, or even snow blizzards can make your travel a complete nightmare if you’re not paying too much attention.

When it comes to luggage, keep it simple

The best way to travel for a hiker is light. Choose to bring only the bare necessities. No need for make up or hair gel. Bring appropriate clothing. Obviously, bring clothes and foot wear that you are comfortable with given the road (or lack thereof) you are about to travel. Have useful accessories in hand such as water and wind resistant jacket, a hat and a pair of gloves, and extra batteries for the flashlights in case you need them. And most importantly, do not forget the first aid kit.

Stay guided

Unless you know the area like the back of your hand and can probably take the trip with a blindfold, never venture out alone. Always have someone with you. A partner is a must and a group would be better. Figure out some ways to communicate in case you lose sight of each other, like a whistle for example.

Don’t forget to call

Carrying mobile phones almost sounds like betrayal when it comes to taking the whole nature adventure in, but it is very practical. It’s usually hard to get a signal in some areas but there wouldn’t be a problem carrying a handy dandy phone in this day and age in case of emergencies. Don’t forget to charge the batteries before leaving.

Appreciate and don’t depreciate

Nature is at its best when it is respected. Be very careful of how you travel and enjoy these natural resources. Keep it mind to value the customs of villages you pass through and their ways in the countryside. Don’t litter and keep your trash with you until there is an appropriate garbage bin for it. At the end of the day, when you’ve had your fun, remember to let the next travelers have theirs as well.

Lastly, ask for help

No need to be cavalier, the whole point of hiking in the great outdoors is to relax, unwind, enjoy, learn and appreciate. There’s no point to any of these when you end up lost in the middle of nowhere…or worse. If you’re up for it, you can join one of your local single hiking clubs and take advice from the experts.