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Teepee Tent Accessories, What You need in a teepee tent

Make a perfect camping with teepee tent accessories!

Teepee tent accessories are generally anything you would need for camping in any style of tent. But there are a few particular items that are very helpful to have, especially for teepee tent camping.

Some teepee tents don’t have screen windows, so a tent fan is a luxury. Still air can be stifling, but a tent fan will keep the air circulating so you feel cooler and more refreshed. You’ll also need a good flashlight and lantern. Certainly you can get these items anywhere, but the flashlight and lantern here are outstanding and will enhance your camping experience. And a tent light will light your tent while not getting in the way.

It is really handy to have a place close where you can shower and go to the bathroom. A cabana privacy shelter can be used for both purposes. Hang a solar shower bag to a tree and pass the hose into the cabana for a warm shower. Set a portable camping potty inside so you won’t have to stumble out in the dark when you need to find a place to go.


One more item really makes camping a pleasure. That’s the portable camp kitchen. Set it right outside your teepee tent and use it for food prep and to wash dishes. A fabric camp sink is also a very handy thing to have.

Battery or Electric Portable Fan

This 10″ portable fan runs on electricity or “D” batteries Up to 40 hours of battery life. It’s great for use in a teepee tent when you need some air movement. Many people remark on how quiet it is.

Dorcy High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight

One of THE BEST flashlights there is. Over 200 Amazon customers give it is 5 stars. Why? It’s very bright, lightweight and has a “forever” LED bulb. It’s squared-off on all four sides so it sits on the table without rolling. It’s extremely durable.

Coleman LED Quad Lantern

This is THE BEST camping lantern. It’s really four portable lanterns in one unit. Each of the 4 rechargeable lanterns can be removed and used independently, or you can leave them as one unit and use it as one powerful lantern that will illuminate a campsite with ease.

Coleman Tent Light

Easily attach this Coleman tent light to the inside of your teepee tent. There’s a built-in magnet that holds the light securely to your tent poles. (Of course, your tent poles must be metal poles.) This light won’t get in the way while you sleep or hang out, unlike standard lanterns.

Cabana Privacy Shelter

The Cabana Privacy Shelter is a sort of teepee shape and it’s so handy to have as an adjunct to your teepee tent. With the cabana, you’ll have privacy to do two things you probably don’t want to do in your teepee tent: shower and go to the bathroom. You could even take it to wherever you are going swimming so you can easily change into dry clothes.

To use as a shower, don’t try to hang a 5 gallon solar shower from this tent because it is not strong enough. Hang the solar shower bag from a tree outside the tent and cut a small hole in the top of the tent to pass the hose through. You’ll be able to have a warm shower and a lot of privacy.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower

This solar shower holds 5 gallons. There’s an easy-to-use on/off showerhead. It absorbs energy from the sun to create a hot shower. Hang it from a tree and pass the hose through a slit you make in the cabana. Voila! Nice warm shower and privacy.

Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

The Luggable Loo is a handy, economical camping potty. The hinged seat and cover snaps on to the 5-gallon bucket. Line the bucket with a garbage bag filled with kitty litter. The litter will absorb the liquid and you can throw the bag away.

Coleman Packaway Deluxe Camp Kitchen

A camping kitchen is really handy to have next to your teepee tent. Use it for food prep. You can fill the sink with soapy water and use a portable fabric sink to rinse dishes and pots, letting everything dry in the basket hanging on the side.

Fabric Camp Sink

How handy! Wash or rinse your dishes in this fabric sink. You can even store your camping dishes inside the sink area, with smaller items in the side pockets. The watertight basin can also be used as an ice chest for beverages. And it’s a beautiful blue azul color.