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Summer Tents Vs. Winter Tents

Find the differences of Summer and winter tents

Spending time in the wild fills us with energy. Camping is the perfect way out to the wild. Tent is the most essential gear because it provides shelter. But we simply can’t carry the same tent everytime. Basically, two types of tents are famous, winter tents and summer tents. 

For your information: Summer tents are often called 3 season tent. This type of tents are generally used in summer, spring and autumn. On the other hand, winter tents are famous as 4 season tents among the campers.

These two types are completely different from one another. Let’s have a quick check of the facts that make summer tents and winter tents different.

Summer Tents Vs. Winter Tents- A Comparison

3 season tents and 4 season tents are made for totally different seasons, Making some tweaks may transform a summer tent usable in winter but the reverse one is tough to do.

Parameters that actually incur differences are build, design, and air permeability etc. 


Summer tents are designed with comparatively light steel frames. Sometimes aluminum joints are placed at different areas of the tents in order to make the whole design light in weight. 

At the other end, winter tents are made of stronger poles and a few extra poles are also seen. These extra poles are added to make the whole design resistant against chill string wind!

Air permeability

It’s another important point to consider while choosing a tent for your camping days. Remember, summer tents feature great air permeability which allows proper ventilation throughout the tent.

On the other part, winter tents are made in such a way so that air trapped inside stay for longer time. That’s why these have less air permeability. If you choose a summer tent during winter then excessive air flow may make your night hell.


Both the types feature dual layer tent wall. Summer tents usually get a detachable rainfly while the winter tents get the same but that’s fixed. In general every winter tent is featured with an extra vestibule that can be used to store gears and for changing as well.


No doubt that winter tents are more spacious. Traditional Summer tents allows 2 people to fit in easily but with less gears of course. In winter we need to protect our gear and portable things from cold and snowfall. That’s why almost all the winter tents got an extra vestibule.

For your information: Winter tents feature steep slopes to shed snow.

# If you get a thought that summer tents are small, let me tell you that picking up a bigger tent can solve this issue easily. As these tents are light in weight, carrying a slightly bigger tent doesn’t make any difference. Choose your best summer tents wisely if you have a plan for bigger group or more space.

These are the basic differences between summer tents and winter tents though there are a lot of tiny differences as well. Let us know any issue that’s popping up in your mind or if you have become puzzled while selecting by commenting below.

Summer Tents Vs. Winter Tents [Infographic]

Summer Tents Vs Winter Tents Infographic