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Decorate Your Suitcase With colorful tags

Make your suitcase vibrant!

Suitcases With Colorful Tags: Cute suitcases with colourful suitcase tags are easy to spot amidst the crowd. They don’t only make my suitcases unique, they also keep me from losing my precious belongings.

Decorate your suitcase with printed customized Tags

One of the techniques I discovered for keeping my suitcases from getting lost is the use of custom-designed ID luggage tags.  I do my ID card printing myself using an online card-making kit is available for free.  The kit is complete with designing tools needed for customizing a card. When I’m done with my design, I simply print the card out using my home printer.  I laminate my printed ID luggage tag so that it won’t wear out easily. After that, I punch a hole through which I would insert a ribbon to use to tie it to my suitcase.

Tying colourful ribbons on their suitcases is another popular technique travellers use to identify their suitcases from among the many other suitcases coming out of the airport cargo carousel.  I choose bright coloured ribbons to make sure that my suitcases would stand out from other cheap cute suitcases. Sometimes, I also use a piece of metallic fabric and make a beautiful ribbon out of it. I tie multiple pieces of ribbons or metallic fabrics together in order to make them more noticeable. Thick ribbons are easier to see especially when they are in bright colours.

Decorating with iron patches

Little travellers can use cute suitcases for girls.  Girls love being creative and unique.  Personalizing their suitcases with iron patches is also a great idea.  I iron patches onto the different sides of my little girls’ suitcases so that they can spot them from different angles.


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Large suitcase tags

Cute Suitcases With Colorful TagsFor added visibility, using coloured papers to make large suitcase tags is an excellent idea.  I use them whenever I’m having a long trip and carrying a large suitcase with me. The large coloured-paper luggage tag makes it easier for me to spot my suitcase at terminals. I write my name with a contact number so that people will be able to contact me in case I lose my luggage. Just like the regular-sized tags, I also laminate the big coloured papers to make them last longer.  These tags are effective in helping me spot my luggage from among the many other cute cheap suitcases of other travellers.

Other Things to keep in Mind

I attach tags in different parts of the bag because handlers might accidentally break the tags off.

When I travel to other countries, I try to write some info on my tags both in English and in the native dialect of the country that I’m visiting. I do this so that when my suitcase gets lost and the person who finds it cannot read English, he would still be able to understand what I’ve written on it.

I create tags long before the travelling date. As much as possible, I start creating colourful tags as soon as I learn about the exact schedule of my travel so I won’t forget about it.

Losing a suitcase or even mistakenly getting someone else’s suitcase when travelling is not a good experience.  The process of locating your suitcase after losing it is complicated.  I recommend creating colourful tags and adding personalized designs to your cute suitcases for women so you can identify them right away and have a hassle-free travel.