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Pole Tents Vs. Inflatable tents

Choose according to your needs

Inflatable tents are new compared to the traditional pole tents in the market. But the growing popularity of inflatable tents can’t be ignored. There are some basic differences between these two types of tents.

Every type has its own advantages and limitations. Maximum of us are familiar with pole tents while being a little unfamiliar with inflatable tents.

If we need to draw a comparison line between pole tents and inflatable tents, there are so many things like build, accommodation, size and portability etc should take into our considerations.

Pole Tents Vs Inflatable Tents- A Pure Comparison

Tents are meant for providing shelters. That’s why we need to emphasize some basic points. While the majority of us like new trends and are choosing inflatable tents over pole tents without being aware of the feature comparison, we need to know the differences between pole tents and inflatable tents.


It’s one of the basic points which should be considered first. Building a tent ensures whether it can provide proper shelter or not.

Inflatable tents withstand stormy wind easily because it can shift a bit with the wind. But the pole tents are rigid and often get uprooted. Sometimes the steel frames of pole tents get bent while facing windstorms.


It’s another important point to remember while choosing a tent between these two types. Inflatable tents are flexible but accommodate less people than pole tents.

So for solo camper or couple camper inflatable tents are good while pole tents are absolutely suitable for a family of three or four. Even some pole tents accommodate more than four people too!


Size matters for portability. Every camper wants to get rid of bulky things. Inflatable tents can be bagged in a single bag. But it gets a bit heavier when the air blower is also carried along with. Without the air blower it doesn’t work at all. A downside of these tents is that these can’t be packed having different parts in different bags.

At the other end, pole tents can be packed in different bags and can be assembled later though these are bulky in size too.


Portability is a complex perception. If we are going alone or with a person then an inflatable tent comes handy. But when we are moving as a group of four to five people pole tents are suitable and can be packed all the parts separately in different bags. So the perception of portability changes as per our needs and requirements.


Setup techniques of these two types of tents are completely different. Pole tents require more than two persons to assemble properly. But inflatable tents can be setup by a person without any further help from anyone!

For inflatable tent, air gets blown into the tent frames and it takes its shape. And for pole tent, we just need to put the steel frames properly to set that up. Both the tents require ground supports like all the other tents.

Different tents are designed to serve different situations. So we need to select the proper tent for serving our purposes. Take the above mentioned points in your mind before getting a purchase between an inflatable tent and a pole tent.




Choose your purpose and preferences first.



Set your budget where you can land.


Select the type

Select the preferred tent that can serve you better.