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How to make bedroll for camping easily

Easy techniques for making bedroll

Bedrolls are an efficient way to reduce the amount of space you use when you’re carrying around your sleeping pad.

If you’ve never made one before, then you may be a little confused on how to do so.

By creating a compact bedroll, you’ll be able to carry your sleeping supplies without having to worry about being off balance or making more than one trip.

This can come in handy when you’re hiking on the trails and don’t have time to make more than one trip from your campgrounds to your car.

Hence, we will teach you how to make a bedroll for camping. It’s very simple, and with a few pointers, you’ll be able to make a perfect bedroll after just a few tries.

Why Choose a Bedroll?

Bedrolls are an excellent way to keep your sleeping gear organized and ready to go. If you were to throw everything in a bag or backpack, then you would find yourself having almost no other space for other possessions. By creating a tightly compact roll, you’ll be able to make space to carry all the other essentials.

The bedroll can be secured to the top or bottom of your backpack, allowing you to balance and have a bed that is ready to go. Once you get to your camping destination, all you will have to do is unroll the bedroll.

Make bedroll easily

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Starting Process | Make a Bedroll for Camping

Find a Flat Surface and Use a Groundsheet

Groundsheets are made from polyester materials that are waterproof. This outer layer will help protect your bedding from getting dirty or damaged. It works by repelling water or dirt and creating a protective shield around your bed, that way, twigs, rocks, or branches won’t be able to rip your bedding.

You’re going to want to spread the groundsheet flat on even ground. It should be at least twice the size of your mattress.

Put the Mattress or Pad on the Center

The next step that you’re going to want to take is to place the mattress or sleeping pad in the center of the sheets. You can use any size of a mattress, but it’s highly suggested that you don’t go over a full size. Just remember, you’re going to be carrying the bedroll with you, so don’t choose too heavy or big of a mattress or pad.

Start Folding

The next step is to position a sleeping bag or sheet along the mattress. You will want to lay any blankets directly on top of the sleeping bag.

From there, you can place any other bedding materials on top of the sleeping bag. Start by folding the blanket and any other bedding compactly so that it can fit inside the sleeping bag.

Step by Step Guide | Make a Bedroll for Camping

Pack Pillows

The next item that you’ll need to start packing is a small pillow. You’re going to want to take the pillow and put it inside the very top of the sleeping bag. An easy way to ensure that the pillow will fit is to get a small pillow, as this can make it easier to wrap and carry.

Start Packing

Take the folded edges of the ground sheet and begin to fold it over the blanket. You’re going to want to make sure that the groundsheet covers the entire bed, including everything inside.

Start to roll the mattress with the ground sheet and continue to do so until everything is packed in. Try to roll vertically, as this can help keep everything centered and help with weight distribution as you’re carrying it on the trails.


Start to secure the bedroll by using three or more pieces of rope. You’ll want to put one on each end and one in the middle.

If you’re carrying a bigger bedroll, feel free to use more, as the extra rope can help everything stay in place. Fasten the bedroll shut and tie the rope by using a slipknot technique. You then can secure it onto the top or bottom of your backpack.

Ready to Go

After the last step, you’re all done with creating your bedroll for camping. When you open the bed up, you’re going to need to remove the ropes carefully and unroll the mattress. Everything will be packed and ready to go, all you’ll need to do is assemble the pillows and blankets, and you’ll be set for the night.


Bedrolls may sound complicated to make, but with a bit of practice, you can have one ready to go for your next camping trip. Be sure to secure everything before you go on your next camping trip.

If your bedding isn’t secured, you may find yourself in a predicament of having everything fall out when you’re hiking, and this would ultimately ruin your trip. If you don’t know how to tie a knot to secure your bedding, there are a few types of clip-on ropes that can be used to secure your bedroll instead. Hopefully, we’ve taught you how to make a bedroll for camping.