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How to fold a popup tent easily

scientific techniques to fold a popup tent

Popup tent comes handy for solo trekking. Setting up this kind of tent is easy. There’s nothing to assemble for. It’s like “just release it and forget it type”. 

Folding a popup tent doesn’t need any expert’s hand. Using some techniques anyone can fold a popup tent easily. And that too without the help of anyone else!

A few seconds of patience is enough to learn how to fold a popup tent. There’s no rocket science in it. And being solo nomadic, I also prefer learning these basic techniques. These help to setup shelter without too much hassle.

How To Fold up a Popup Tent

Popup tents are preferred due to its portability.  So folding up tents in a scientific way increases portability.

Taking the other ways around can be an unexpected hassle. So follow the guidelines to make the folding process easier.

Clean the Exterior Part

Cleaning the outside part of the tent is the foremost step to pack it up.

Untidy tents are not recommended to pack in the bag because sometimes it may get damaged if stored for a long time without proper cleaning and drying.

So clean the outermost part of the tent and remove all grounding stakes. Dirt may cause the system to get jammed. That’s why cleaning it beforehand is a wise idea. 

Remember: There’s no need to use water splashes. Using a wet towel can be a good option.

If you are in a hurry and get the tent packed when it’s wet, don’t forget to dry it up soon.

Prepare the Interior Part

Now, we need to pack it in a way so that it bounces back to its shape when unpacked. As of now, we have the outer part of the tent ready.

But have we noticed the inside world of the tent?

What we meant to say is that during camping, the closed tent gets damped. So keep the tent door open for at least half an hour before packing.

# Keeping the door unzipped otherwise trapped air may cause problem while packing.


Popup Tent Folding Technique- Step by Step

Once we are done with the basics, it’s time to move into the hard core packing formula. Starting with pulling the pins that we hammered into the ground in order to support the tent. Cleaning the pins makes these lasting longer.

Now, let’s check the popup tent packing process.

-> We can notice two arches that act as main supports. Grab the top corners of the arches and tightly bring them together while standing straight.

-> Now grab the two arches with one hand. And with another hand, get the back end of the tent and fold these three ends together.

-> Now push the highest point of the tent downwards. If everything gets done properly then it starts closing itself slowly. Don’t release the arches you grabbed. Keep that outside.

-> Now twist the tent so that it creates two circular shapes.

-> Keep one overlapping on another and fasten the snapping Velcro or anything.

-> Just release the snapping option when you want to pitch up the pop up tent again somewhere else.

Practicing it can reduce the packing time to 2-3 minutes. We are finally done with folding a popup tent. Let us know if you face any strange trouble while following the guideline.



Clean the outside part

Before packing up, cleaning the outside part of the fabric is necessary.


Keep the door open

In order to remove the condensation and odors, keeping the tent door open for at least 30 mins is must.


Take the Pillows & Bags Out

Get all the pillows and sleeping bags out of the tents before final packing.