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5 Ways to Enjoy the Hiking Trails in Oregon

An expert guide!

The state of Oregon is one of the best places to visit in the Pacific Northwest. With great landscape views under just the right season, there are plenty of ways to explore and appreciate its natural beauty.


Follow the Crowd

One of the most famous and well-used Oregon hiking trails is the Pacific Crest Trail. It spans a 2,650-mile path from Mexico all the way to Canada and actually takes a maximum of six months to trek through end to end.

For Oregon’s part, the Pacific Crest Trail traverses through some of the state’s scenic attractions such as the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Columbia River Gorge, the Crater Lake, and Willamette National Forest, to name a few.

The trail difficulty ranges from moderate to strenuous and is best visited from the months of April to September.

Go beach side

The Oregon Coast Trail tracks along the north-south Oregon coastline and gives a perfect view of the Pacific. If you’re one of those people who enjoy “walks on the beach”, this trail will definitely add an element of adventure to your vacation.

This Oregon hiking trail is mostly traveled along the beaches but there are areas where you have to go through the nearest streets inland as even the low tide render some of the water-flowing path impassable.

Besides the great ocean vista, the Oregon Coast Trail also passes a great number of the state’s picturesque parks and recreation areas. No matter which way you turn, no doubt you will never have a dull moment near these waters.

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Step up

What’s hiking in Oregon without taking an uphill climb to Oregon’s highest peaks? One such example is the Vulcan Peak Trail which includes a 2 mile trek up the 4,655-foot mountain where this trail was named after. Vulcan Peak is the third highest mountain found in the Kalmiopsis area.

The trail can be relatively easy to moderate and can be accomplished within a day. The trail provides a great bird’s eye view of the forests and the Vulcan Lake below as well as the neighbouring landscapes and mountains.

A desert in the middle of an oasis

You read it correctly. The Johnson Butte Trail leading up to Salamander Lake will take you to a desert-type landscape as well as a garden filled with amazing Kalmiopsis leachiana, a rare flowering plant that stands up to 30 cm tall. Visit this place around May or June and watch the garden in perfect bloom.

The Salamander Lake at the end of the trail provides a wonderful escape to a peaceful scenery as well as a perfect opportunity for a short picnic.

Make it a short one, if you can

If you’re one of those who just enjoy a good nature walk but not really planning on having a long hiking trip, going for easy day hikes can also do the trick.

The Hiking trails in Oregon’s Alfred A. Loeb State Park offer a great look at a beautiful wild and plant life without having to make the journey an overnight experience.

Redwood Nature Loop trail is home to the most wonderful redwood trees and refreshing streams. Take the trail around autumn and it’s a guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the scent given off by the myrtle leaves.