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Coleman 2 Persons Popup Tent Review

One of the best Coleman’s Popup Tents

There’s no need to introduce “Coleman” brand to avid campers anymore. By providing exceptional quality and seamless customer satisfactions it has placed itself as an established brand in the market. 

Tent is an essential gear during hiking, trekking or while simply camping in leisure and popup tents come handy at that time. Coleman 2 person’s popup tent is one of the best popup tents that can be trusted blindly. 

This feature rich tent not only provides shelter but also ensures great portability due to its low weight and easy foldable feature.

coleman 2 persons popup tent review
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Coleman 2 Person's Popup Tent Review

Coleman 2 persons’s popup tent has some excellent features and like all the brands it has some downsides as well but those are negligible also. Let’s dig out the reason why this tent has become one of the best selling popup tents now.

No Leak Feature

While selecting a tent for camping we should make sure that the tent doesn’t leak otherwise all excitement can be wiped out with every drop leaked through. It can withstand windy weather and rain both and be assured that it will not mix your excitement into the mud!

# Point to disclose: Remember one thing, its door gets opened inside so if it’s raining outside there’s a chance that a few drops may come in. But that’s negligible.

# Point that may sound negative: Like every other tent the portion around the door may get wet during entry and exit (if it’s raining outside). But the positive part is that even with a small handkerchief you can wipe that! It got a tiny rain fly, using that can prevent this to happen.

There are a few folks who criticize the design of Coleman 2 popup tent because it opens slowly. But have you ever think if a tent gets popped up quickly, a quick tension is applied on the frames and that may damage the entire structure. Moreover it may hamper its longevity to some extents as well. Being gentle on everything isn’t bad, isn’t it?

It’s a tested tent for all kind of weather. If you pitch it up properly then it can withstand harsh weather as well. For proper technique refer our guide on how to pitch up a popup tent.

Be Gentle While Zipping/Unzipping the door

Coming to another part where some people face difficulty, zipping and unzipping the door. Trying everything single handedly is bad. It’s a tent door zip and it should be solid enough so that it doesn’t break easily. 

That’s why use both the hand while zipping or unzipping the door because it’s a bit harder than other tents. Be pretty gentle on the zip.

Take Care of the tent floor

Tent floor is another point to check while reviewing and for Coleman 2 popup tent we also did the same. The floor part is made of seamless fabric. So check and clear the ground where the tent is being pitched up. Digging a few centimeters around the perimeter of the tent can prevent water from going under the floor while raining.

Now at the verdict it comes to rate the Coleman popup tent. The price tagged is affordable for a world class tent and it worth the price! Ease of setup, carry and build of the tent score 5 out of 5. If you are buying a popup tent for the first time then this can be a great choice for you, no doubt.

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