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ALPS Mountaineering Camping Cots Review

You can blindly go for it

ALPS Mountaineering Cots Review: Camping Cot is one of the essential camping gears that helps keeping us safe while sleeping. You’ve most likely been in a position where you’re outdoors and sleeping on the ground with your sleeping bag. You’ve packed a tent, so you have some protection, but you still find that sleeping on the cold hard ground isn’t as inviting as it may seem. 

While many tents prevent rain, wind, and other environmental factors to come into contact with you or your supplies, they still don’t offer you the best sleeping environment.

You’ll always find yourself having to watch out for bugs, make sure you have large, even ground space, and make sure that you have enough space for your bedding. 

An excellent way to combat this is by getting a cot. Hence, we’ll review the ALPS Mountaineering Cot and explain why it’s an excellent pick for camping.

ALPS Mountaineering Camping Cot Review
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The ALPS company understands that sleeping gear needs to be compact and lightweight, but still needs to provide you with enough comfort so that you can get enough rest during the night.

This cot has been designed to have a balance between comfort and compactness. This allows you to easily carry it to and from your campsite without compromising the amount of space you have to sleep on.

Who is the product for?

Sleeping on the ground can be difficult, especially when you’re faced with adverse weather conditions. If you’re staying in either a place that is damp or wet, you’ll likely appreciate having a cot instead of a sleeping bag or sleeping pad.

You’ll also find that a cot comes in handy if you’re in a place with many critters or bugs since the elevated bed can help keep these creatures at bay and allow you to get a better night’s rest.

What's included?

When you receive this package, you should expect to unbox the ALPS cot which has a size dimension of 74” x 30” x 7.5” and weight of 9.3 pounds. You will also be provided with a carrying bag that allows you to transport your cot from your home to the campgrounds and vice versa.

ALPS Mountaineering Camping Cot Features [Overview]

Durable & Long Lasting

This cot features a durable and long-lasting steel frame which can help support your body while you’re sleeping at night. The framework helps keep you elevated off the ground, which comes in handy when you’re camping on uneven ground or during bad weather conditions.

For extra comfort, the cot is crafted from a 600D polyester fabric material which is both soft and durable enough to hold your body weight throughout the night. The weight limit for the is 250 pounds, and there is enough room for one person. The design of the cot makes the entire package, including the bag, weigh only about 11 pounds, which is very lightweight when you compare it to other cots on the market.

How to use

  1. Setting up a cot may seem like it takes skill or years of practice, but you can safely set up the ALPS Mountaineering Cot easily. To set it up, the first step you need to take is to remove it from the bag.
  2. Once it’s removed, take the steel frames out and begin to connect them to each other. You’ll then need to slip the steel frame into the designated spots located on the cot.
  3. After that, you then just need to make sure they are secured and in place. Then, turn the cot over, and you’re ready to use it. It’s that simple.

ALPS Mountaineering Camping Cot Alternatives

While the ALPS camping cot is suitable for just one person, the weight limit isn’t high enough for some campers. An excellent alternative to this cot is the Niceway Oxford Cot.

It’s a cot which features sturdy anti-rust steel bed frames which are lined with 1200D Oxford diamond fabric. This allows you to lay down on the cot and still feel supported comfortably. The breathable fabric also helps prevent you from sweating during the night.

To help support up to 440 pounds of weight, there are double reinforced brackets which have a triangular support system. The curved frame headrest allows you to sleep in a more natural head position. There are also leg caps that help prevent slipping, which means you can rest the whole night without worries.

You can use this product as either a camping cot or as a leisure chair. As a bonus, there are side pockets which you can use to store essential items.

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Overall, the ALPS Mountaineering Cot is an excellent pick because it features a lightweight design, making it easy to pack up and carry from one campsite to the next. This allows you to reduce the weight you’re carrying on the trip and will enable you to pack other crucial items.

The bed also features a strong support, which is excellent for its size. You don’t want to have a flimsy cot, as this can be dangerous since it can give out during the night.

No matter which cot you choose, both items we presented are an excellent pick when it comes to a camping bed that keeps you off the ground.