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Finding Suitable 4 Persons Tent

Finding suitable 4 persons tent becomes easier!

Ready to go camping? No, not yet, because you have not chosen the best four person tent. There are plenty of four person tent models available in the market today, but how are you going to make the right decision to choose the best tent suited to your requirements?

First of all, how are you going to get four people to sleep in one cramped tent? That is why your first priority is to make sure the tent is really roomy especially if one of your tent mates likes flinging his hands and feet in all directions while asleep!

buying guide for a 4 persons tent

How to choose a 4 persons tent- A comparative study

Choosing the best four person tent needs a comparative study. Look at the footage in square measurements. Also look at how high the roof is. Can your six-foot 3 inches form stand erect in the tent without stooping? Look at the peak height at the centre and then measure the tent height from its sides. Is it roomy enough? Is it made of sturdy material? Is it going to last you really long? Is it cost-effective? Is it a four season tent which means that you can camp out throughout the year? Is it easy to put up and take down? If the answer is yes, buy your four person tent right away!

Which things we want to get in :

In fact if you find your tent cramped with 4 people sleeping in it, you may want to try this tip. If you are hiking and you need to bring your gear inside, use the tent for only three people. But if you are travelling by car, store your gear in the car thus enabling four people to sleep easily in that four persons tent! That means that you are going to have enough space for your sleeping bags or your inflatable mattresses, when you are out camping. And that is the top function of a proper four person tent!


Now before you decide to choose the best four person tent, you would want to look at the sizes and the shapes available to you in the market. Here are some easy to utilise tips which you can implement when you are looking for the tents of your choice

These are some of the considerations into which you need to look, before you make your final choice. First of all, what is the size of this four man going to be? What use is it going to be put to? What are the conditions under which it is going to be used? Which season are you going to use it in? Do you want tunnels or do you want domes?

You never knew that there were so many aspects to buying a four person tent, did you? That is exactly why size is so important. And then, if you need to get out of your going fast, you would want it to be domed, so that you can stand up, get into your clothes, gather your sleeping bag and get out really fast. Apart from this, you are going to be looking at the amount of gear which needs to be stored away in your tent. That is going to add to your size calculations.


If you keep waiting eagerly for the summer, because that is going to be the time when you intend to go travelling in “them thar” mountains, well, do you not need a sturdy four Person tent capable of taking on the harsh environment?

You want something, which seems to say, “Who cares what’s the weather, as long as we are together…” The idea is that your choice of tent  can either be a three season tent, which means you are going to spend the winter hibernating in your cave, or you can choose a 4 season tent, which means that you intend spending the winter outdoors, too.  There are people who prefer four season tents, when making the choice for a really robust and sturdy 4 Person tent.

So now that you have already booked your place on a campsite, gather the 3 extra Musketeers ready to go adventuring with you, you need to look at these important tips before you buy a tent.

What is the tent fabric used in the making up of the 4 Person tent?  If you are living in a dry climate, you would want polycotton tents. But if you know that it is going to keep raining continuously throughout your vacation, (for example, if you are vacationing in the UK!), you may want to buy a polyester waterproof tent.  The best thing about this tent is that you can dip it into the nearest source of running water to wash off that extra mud.


What is your budget like?  You can go from a simple model to a really expensive brand name.  After that, you may want to look at a product from a well-known brand, which has already been used by you or some of your acquaintances beforehand.  There are a large number of specialist and made-to-measure brands available in the market today.

Now you have a look at some practical aspects before you choose the best tent. If you are camping beside the river, you can carry a heavy tent. On the other hand, if you are leaving for those high mountains and valleys, why would you want to be burdened with something really heavy especially when you are at high altitudes? Look for something which is right for your specifications and requirements. On the other hand you would also want to look for something which is sturdy enough to meet any sort of weather condition.

Which tent you need actually?

Tents are normally graded into 2 categories — three seasons and four seasons. A three seasons tent is going to last you through the three seasons, spring, fall, and the summer. Naturally a four person tent for four seasons is going to be a heavy duty tent which is going to last you through the winter. These heavy-duty tents are going to have more poles so that they will not blow away in a winter blizzard.

So choose a four person tent that suits your requirements and specifications the best. You may want to look at tunnel and dome shaped tents. It is much more sensible to buy a dome shaped tent, because you are going to stake it down, thus making it more steady. A tunnel tent does not need staking.